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Pub Crawl in Dubrovnik

60 minutes of unlimited drinks, 2 bars, 1 club for only €33.
Free entrance to Dubrovnik most famous night club - Culture Club Revelin.
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Pub Crawl Dubrovnik Meeting Point

Pile entrance - 10:00PM.
Meet new friends, enjoy free drinks and party at the hottest spots in the Old Town when you join our Pub Crawl Crew!

Pub Crawl Dubrovnik First Stop

Start the night out with an hour of free drinks at the No1 warm-up bar, B4 Revelin.
Known for it's theme parties and good music, this is a great place to turn on dance mode and see how much you can drink in 60 minutes!

Pub Crawl Dubrovnik Second Stop

Next, your crawl leaders will take you to Casablanca, another beautiful bar with a great selection of beer and mixed drinks.
Located in the center of the Old Town, Casablanca is a popular gathering place for tourists and locals.

Pub Crawl Dubrovnik Third Stop

Final Destination, Culture Club Revelin
With our Pub Crawl ticket you get free entrance to Dubrovnik most famous night club.
An ancient stone fortress built into the city walls, Revelin is the best place to catch DJ shows or concerts and just dance the night away.

Take a peek at Culture Club Revelin
Pub Crawl Dubrovnik Special Offer

Free Pub Crawl for everyone having a birthday!

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Costs €33 / 250kn per person


Only this weekend, Friday 19th and Saturday 20th, be apart of Pub Crawl for only €27 / 200 kn.

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